DigiartFest 2020 Event Programme

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Day 1

11:00am EAT
Opening remarks from the festival director.
11:20am EAT
Expo hall opens

Day 2

9:00pm EAT
Call of Duty -war zone

Day 3

4:00pm EAT
Navi seals game play
6:00pm EAT
Discussion: How to best buid a resilient Esports ecosystem for Africa.

Day 4

11:00am EAT
Discussion: What it's like to meet other artists at the Digiart fest
4:00pm EAT
Discussion: Why freedom is a fundamental tool for artists.

Day 5

11:00am EAT
Discussion: Why creatives should value collaborations.

Day 6

8:00pm EAT
Discussion: Adapting to the ever evolving technology as an artist.

Day 7

2:00pm EAT
Discussion: The workspace and it's influence on creative ideas.

Day 8

7:00pm EAT
Discussion: Culture & traditions the world of a story teller.